Celebrating America's
Best Blooms

written by alexa bricker

As the sun begins to melt away the last patches of snow from winter, towns across America get ready to celebrate. And they aren’t just celebrating an end to the cold, but also the start of something new.

The new season will bring plenty of warmth and beauty along with it, by way of gorgeous blooming flowers. Though the variety and timing of the blooms is dependent upon where you live, one thing is certain—the return of spring is something to get excited about!

In fact, thousands of people travel each year for a chance to see the blooms when they are most spectacular, and whether you’re a fan of daisies or daffodils, chrysanthemums or cherry blossoms, there is a festival to commemorate the return of them all.

  • Dallas, Texas: America’s Best Blooms

    Consistently voted one of the best arboretums in the nation, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden commemorates the return of spring with a special event—Dallas Blooms. Planting for the festival begins in December, and within a few months, guests are invited to walk the grounds to experience the gorgeous varieties of tulips, magnolias, and more.

    Dates: February 24–April 8

  • Pierce County, Washington: Awash in Yellow

    Yellow is perhaps the most quintessentially spring color, and each April since 1934, Pierce County, Washington, celebrates the bloom of its gorgeous daffodil fields with a monthlong festival. Planning for the Daffodil Festival begins a year in advance because there are so many different events, including a Royal Daffodil Queen coronation and luncheon, three different parades, and a 5K race.

    Dates: throughout the month of April

  • Washington, DC: A Gift from the East

    In 1912, more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees were introduced to Washington, DC, courtesy of the mayor of Tokyo, Yukio Ozaki. Though it was a difficult process to get the trees to thrive, the National Cherry Blossom Festival has become a cherished tradition that spans over four weekends in March and April—depending on the season. More than one million people flock to the city each year to catch the delicate pink blossoms at their peak, with programming and events that celebrate the unity between American and Japanese cultures.

    Dates: March 20–April 15

  • Holland, Michigan: A Tulip Tradition

    Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world, perhaps because they come in such a wide variety of colors. What began as a Dutch tradition has made its way to America by way of towns like Holland, Michigan. With premier growing conditions, the town has replicated the beloved tulip bloom and celebrates with a citywide festival each year. Live music, art markets, traditional Dutch food and dancing, and even a dog parade round out the week's can't-miss attractions.

    Dates: May 5–13

  • Wilmington, North Carolina: Beauty of the South

    The South is one of the best places to catch gorgeous blossoming flowers in the spring, but Wilmington, North Carolina, pays homage to one of its most vibrant blossoms—azaleas. These pink and white flowers bloom from March through April each year, and the town has engineered a weeklong celebration to coincide with the occasion. Street fairs are the highlight, with live performances from popular artists like Carrie Underwood, the Temptations, Snoop Dogg, and more, as well as luncheon garden parties where guests are encouraged to dress in traditional dresses and suits.

    Dates: April 11–15

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