A Summertime Escape

written by alexa bricker

Summer brings a lot of things: time off from work and school, vacations with family, and plenty of outdoor fun. But it also sends us looking for an escape from the hot sun—be it a retreat to our air-conditioned homes, a trip to the pool, or a bite of a frozen treat.

No matter how you choose to break free from the grip of summer heat, this season is all about escaping your troubles and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Hundred-degree days can make you want to crank the thermostat, but blasting the AC can cause a spike in your energy bill. Here are some ways to keep yourself and your bank account cool.

Americans have been looking for ways to beat the summer heat for centuries, and some of the more popular ways—think public pools and chilly movie theaters—are still common today.

There’s nothing like the promise of an ice pop or a scoop of ice cream to help us brave the hot weather, but who do we have to thank for our favorite frozen treats?

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Posted in August 2018 on May 11, 2018