Healthy for the Holidays

written by rebecca poole

Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season isn’t always a priority for most people. After all, the season is about enjoying the food you eat, and if you forget a workout or two, you think it’s OK because, well, it’s the holidays. But don’t let healthy habits fall by the wayside just because the decorations are hung and the table is set for company. It’s possible to set yourself up for success while also having your pie—and eating it, too!

Holiday food doesn’t have to be full of unhealthy fats and unnecessary calories. Just turn to this guide, which will give you a plethora of nutritious alternatives.

Included are strategies for creating a healthier holiday plate, as well as exercises to get you back on your feet after a filling holiday meal—although maybe not right after.

Gear up to be the healthiest version of you this season.

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Posted in November 2019 on Sep 26, 2019