Clean Up Your Home’s Catchall Areas

written by alexa bricker

Do you have a drawer in your kitchen that’s full of old electronics, broken pens, and forgotten paperwork? Or maybe a corner of your basement that’s overrun with discarded furniture and boxes of old antiques? There are plenty of spaces in the home that can easily become “catchall” areas. It can be hard to keep these places organized, but, if you do, they can actually be some of the most valuable rooms in terms of free space.

This guide looks at the office and pantry, attic and basement, and garage and shed, providing invaluable tips that can help you get these areas clean in no time—and keep them clean.

An office is a highly desirable room for many homeowners, but it can quickly become cluttered with papers and other odds and ends if you don’t take care to properly file items away. Similarly, the pantry can easily fill up with unnecessary or expired items if you aren’t careful. These tips can help you keep both spaces free and clear!

When picturing an attic, most people think of a dusty, dingy space full of old knickknacks. And, depending on the person, a basement can look fairly similar. But these areas can be a gold mine of space if you know how to organize them well.

The true purpose of a garage is to keep your car protected from the elements, but for many, it’s so full of junk there isn’t even room for a bicycle, let alone a vehicle. On the contrary, a shed can be a great place to store many of the items people typically keep in the garage, freeing up space for a car. This section explains the benefits of maintaining order in both places.

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