Home Decorating: Online Edition

written by rebecca poole

Crafting your ideal interior space no longer requires multiple trips to the home decor store. Instead, decorating can be a hassle-free process achieved completely online. That doesn’t mean it can’t still be overwhelming, which is why this guide is here to help as you turn to the World Wide Web for interior design inspiration, products, and resources.

Get Inspired

When it comes to designing a room or refreshing your entire home, homing in on the aesthetic, color palette, and style you want to go with is an important step before purchasing anything. But where should you look?


  • Pinterest
    It may sound obvious, but it’s worth noting that Pinterest is a vital resource when it comes to interior design. If you search ‘modern interior design,’ you’re met with hundreds of images that can help you curate a board of what modern means to you. Your home page will automatically populate similar images based on what you previously saved, which can come in handy. Saving images can also be helpful when it comes to narrowing down specific brands and eventually purchasing items!

  • Apartment Therapy
    No, you don’t need an apartment to enjoy the content this blog provides in spades—although if you do live in a smaller space, it will be easier to find home ideas suited to your lifestyle. Either way, a visit to Apartment Therapy’s website offers everything from what to buy at Bed Bath & Beyond right now to what’s trending in home decor according to Instagram. Peruse its shop section, organized by style and room, or do virtual house tours in cities across the US.

  • Domino
    If you really want to dive into details, Domino takes more of a storytelling approach to its articles. You’ll find home tours from all over the world, interior designer features, and renovation stories that will motivate you to create your own oasis. Plus, Domino’s verticals are separated by room type, which makes it easy to navigate if you’re only looking for dining room inspiration, for example.

  • MyDomaine
    Keeping up with interior trends and trying to maintain an image-worthy home at all times can be tough, but MyDomaine makes it easy. Its content is curated by professionals who’ve worked in the design space for years and who often consult with other experts in the field to bring you the best interior advice possible.


Now that you’re ready to start shopping, here are some off-the-beaten-path shops to peruse for both big-ticket items and quirky coffee-table accents.


  • Jungalow
    Justina Blakeney founded Jungalow in 2009, and what started as a design blog has morphed into an extensive home brand featuring a rotation of colorful and bohemian international goods. Maximalists, this online shop is the one for you.

  • Kate Zaremba Company
    It’s no secret that wallpaper is having its moment in the spotlight, and there’s no sign of that ending. Check out these custom-printed options for artistic designs that will make your bathroom the coolest room in the house.

  • Chairish
    This online marketplace will bring out the creative spirit in anyone. You can find vintage wall art, velvet accent chairs, and unique lighting options you didn’t know you needed. Chairish specializes in antique and vintage finds, but you can sort through new and custom products as well.

  • Perigold
    As its slogan, “An Undiscovered World of Luxury Design,” indicates, Perigold offers some of the most carefully curated furniture, decor, and home products around. The brand’s Instagram is also a great place for inspiration.

  • Spartan Shop
    If you’re on the hunt for finishing touches, Spartan Shop has you covered. The objects are beautiful, yet functional, and will give any room a ‘wow’ factor. The store carries everything from eye-catching candleholders to ceramic vases.

  • CB2
    Modern decor enthusiasts, rejoice! CB2 offers a plethora of options for the homeowner who favors muted tones, angular shapes, and an overall sleek design. Plus, there’s always a hefty sale going on, so you’re sure to score a deal.

  • Lulu and Georgia
    Lulu and Georgia carries products for a variety of home decor styles—from mid-century options to farmhouse chic pieces. In addition, the site is as user-friendly as it gets, with a ‘Shop by Room’ category that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Consult a Professional

There are a lot of benefits to hiring an interior designer, but the virtual options below can also help you discover your style.


  • Modsy
    Once you sign up for Modsy’s interior design service, you can send photos of your project, receive a 3D design of your room, and have access to the actual pieces selected for you to shop for as you please. The company has multiple packages depending on your budget and project size.

  • Havenly
    Do you dream of your home makeover while drifting off to sleep but don’t have the budget to make it come true? Havenly prides itself on a collaborative process that keeps budget—and your Pinterest-worthy ideas—top of mind. It matches you with a designer based on your style and vision, so your creative direction is always the number one priority.

  • Decorist
    Decorist has a long list of experienced designers who range from high-profile experts to budget-friendly newcomers. You can purchase a package to design a room or consult its ‘Ask a Designer’ option for fast advice on specific questions.

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