A Par-Tea for the Ages

Tea-Time Decor

written by rebecca poole

Take a page (or several) from Alice’s world and create your own wonderland. Whether you host it in your backyard or in your dining room, a tea party is made better with colorful and unique decor. You don’t need to hire a party planner to whisk up an upscale event everyone will adore.

Tea-Time Decor

  • For the food. Think varying levels for your food setup. Place the cakes and finger foods on tiered cake stands, the tarts and savory bites on fine china platters, and the creams, curds, and jams in separate bowls. The high-low effect of serving styles for your spread gives the table that quirky, topsy-turvy touch.

  • Tea-Time Decor

  • For the tea. Mix-and-match teacups have been an ongoing trend in homes for a while, and hosting a tea party is the perfect opportunity to put this trend to use. Scour thrift stores for inexpensive cups (which double as a party favor), or don’t shy away from asking guests to bring their own! A lot of times, items like teacups and teapots come with a story. Share, steep, and sip the day away.

  • Tea-Time Decor

  • For the table. Ready your table by placing a lace table runner over a vintage floral tablecloth (or vice versa) to achieve a delicate spring look. Go the extra mile, and fold your napkin into a design. Place those fresh May blooms into a spare teapot that doubles as a vase, and your table is ready to be fawned over.

  • Tea-Time Decor

  • For the room. If you’re taking the literal route to hosting a garden tea party and throwing it outside, get creative by using the foliage around you. Create a welcome banner with doilies and string them from tree to tree, tie balloons to the backs of chairs, and make flower crowns for guests. You could do the same for inside as well, hanging items from wall to wall—maybe even adding a photo booth station with costume pearls, white gloves, and colorful fascinators.

Download these tea party printables to make your party a success!

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